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A. R. Totten & Associates, LLC
Medical Education & Safety Consultants - Staff  Development Specialists
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A personal message from Drew Totten... 

Could you use some assistance with training or with the onboarding of your front-line staff? Managers? Supervisors? Do your employees need a customer service jump-start? Additional training in other areas? Read on, please...

I'm Drew Totten and have been in the business world for most of my life and in healthcare for just as long. I was employed in management for many years by a Fortune 500 company (the Xerox Corporation) and served many outstanding customers. I've experienced sales slumps and droughts, worked with disenchanted and unmotivated employees, and those that I affectionately call the OJRs - "on the job retired."  They may be the people that have lost the will or ability to fully participate in meetings or projects, and their indifference or negativity seems to suck the life out of you. Sound familiar? I thought so. 

Is it time for a program on staff development? Do your employees need to learn how to have a crucial conversation or handle customers in crisis situations? Could they benefit from a little inspiration while learning new things or how to enhance their customer service skills? Let's face it... negative people affect your bottom line significantly (if you're nodding your head, you're halfway there to making some changes!)

Are you ready to hire an enthusiastic and well-versed professional that will provide your staff with a quality educational program that your employees will enjoy and really learn from? If so, let's talk!

I'm confident that I can help your organization and the people in it improve their knowledge and skills, learn cutting-edge information, and assist with moving your business forward. I am excited at the prospect of partnering with you to achieve success.

Please call me TODAY at 802-855-7850 or email drew@artottenassociates.com for a FREE, NO-HASSLE CONSULTATION!

                                                                                                                                     - Drew 

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